Tell us the name of activity (hereinafter referred to as "activity") that the candidate engages in. (e.g. "Development and manufacture of cultured shrimp and crab meat" *You can name it freely.)

Provide a reason for your nomination. Detail the relationship between “Asia” and the candidate's activities. Focus on how the candidate contributes to enriching lives and the economy in Asia.

Describe in detail what makes the candidate's activities novel or innovative. If there are competitors in the same or similar fields, compare them to reveal uniqueness of the candidate's activities.

Define the social impact of the activities, the expansion of target areas, and the possibility of global expansion.

Describe the continuity and growth of said activities and prospects for future growth. If you have any information on financing, such as being funded by an IPO or VC, or having a national research fund, please let us know as far as you know.

1. Award
2. Publication (media, academic journal, etc.)
3. Video (press, YouTube, etc.)
4. Candidate's Social Media Account and/or website, and more.